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AVM - Car rental Munich – Corporate services

We rent trucks and commercial vehicles for companies requiring vehicles to meet their transportation needs in accordance with seasonal variations or project-oriented schedules.

Our fleet of vehicles is available on a flexible basis for firms and individuals requiring rentals for short term or special needs. We have a large selection of vehicles which can simultaneouly satisfy various transportation requirements. Many of our customers are involved in the following businesses: Mail order companies, trade fair logistics, event productions, catering,film and television production, advertising and media services, and computer distribution.

Furthermore , we provide vehicles for research and development projects: i.e. Testing evaluating and comparing new model vehicles and tires for manufacturers.

We are also one of the very few rental comapnies offering training courses for new products. For many years we have provided these services to leading manufactureres in the automobile and auto parts industries. We specialize in providing vehicles which correspond to customer specifications and also offer long-term leasing plans ( 6 months or longer).


Additionally, AVM is specialized in providing affordable and tailor-made solutions for companies requiring intermediate-term passenger vehicles.

For example we can provide temporary vehicles to ensure mobility until new vehicles can be delivered, or company cars for new employee probation periods. AVM is always ready to provide reliable and efficient professional service.


Why purchase a problem when you can rent a solution from AVM !?


Car Rental Munich - +49 / 89 / 596161 - AVM Autovermietung - Rent a car in Munich. You can always ensure your mobility needs with AVM-Day after day-week after week-month after month!

AVM has developed an array of especially affordable long-term rental deals for companies. We offer an excellent alternative to the conventional options of buying, leasing or financing vehicles, and a whole spectrum of advantages for you!


AVM Corporate Services in Munich - Car Rental Munich - Rent a Car in Munich

Are you looking for a reliable, professional, and affordable service provider for all your mobility needs in Munich? We offer exceptional service and expertise and tailor-made conditions for all your transportation and mobilty requirements!

Allow us to spoil you with our attractive conditions and unsurpassed service!

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