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Rent a van in Munich - MultiVan with long wheelbase - AVM Car Rental

Our vans, luxury vans and luxury busses offer the perfect solutions for all your transportation needs! For up to 9 passengers - for airport transfer, business travel, event services, VIP services, road shows, and much more ...


You need busses with more than 9 seats?

No problem ! The AVM-Team will organize busses with 12 to 20 seats for you to rent. All you need to drive a bus in this size is a valid driver's license class "D" and send us an e-mail to check out the availability. We will send you a non-binding rental quote.




>>> Rent a luxury van / group 19:

Group 19: MultiVan

Rent a luxury van Munich - AVM 


Just an example:


    - long wheelbase, automatic, 7 seats with lots of storage


    • VOLKSWAGEN MultiVan
      - long wheelbase, automatic, 8 seats with storage


    The MultiVan Comfortline long vehicle - Joy of driving with much space for your needs.


    More comfort: 3 swivel seats with lengthwise adjustment, 8 seats,
    air conditioning system, black glazed windows, automatic,
    navigation system, parking distance control.


    Cash & Carry rental rates - Group 19 : 

    Per day - 100 km included169,00Per day - 350 km included209,00Per day - 1000 km included289,00Weekend 1 (Friday 2.00pm until Monday 8.00 am) - 500 km included377,00Weekend 2 (Friday 2.00pm until Monday 8.00 am)- 1000 km included479,00Week - 7 days - 1500 km included899,00Additional km0,45


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    >>> Rent a Van / Luxury Van with improved insurance coverage

    Limitation of liability up to € 500,00 deductable amount per insurance claim - group 19 : 

    Per day29,00Weekend77,00Per week169,00



    Additional information pertaining to insurance coverage for vehicle group 19.